Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

I have blogged about loosing weight and dieting, trying to be healthier... bla bla bla.  Well my boyfriend, Chris, and I decided to really take the weight loss thing seriously.  We were both really over weight to the point were I was running out of clothes and becoming increasingly self conscious about how I looked.  I felt fatigued and even my face was starting to look older.

We choose a lean low carb diet that alows for mostly, lean proteins, green vegitables, and some fruits.  We eat breakfast everyday and small meals with snacks in between.  No sweets, no bread, no potatoes or starchy vegetables in general.  We take daily vitamin supplements and get weekly B12 shots.

I haven't felt this good in a long time!  So far I have lost 12 lbs and Chris has lost nearly 20.  I won't even sugar coat it.  This diet is really hard!  We stopped drinking alcohol and sometimes my sweet tooths are out of control.  But at the end of the day,  I feel so great and my clothes fit great or are big and that's worth the sacrifice in the end.  Eventually, when we reach our weightloss goals, we will reintroduce more carbs to our diet.  But I think I will have to adopt this style of eating on a permanent basis in order to maintain a healthy weight.

So how about  before and after pics

My 29th birthday August 9th.  One week before we started the diet.

 This past weekend 30lbs lighter between the 2 of us!
Chris' suit is too big, when he's wearing clothes that fit him you can see his results better!

I'll post a follow up in 10 more lbs!

Bra Talk

I am one of those gals that has like 100 pair of underwear, in every color and style.  I can't help myself, I just can't ever resist a cute pair.  When it comes to bras I think I am the exact opposite.  It may be because I have an average cup size and it's never been a real issue finding decent bras.  But I have heard a lot of buzz about getting fitted and that most women don't really know their size and often wear bras that don't fit.

Most of my bras are beginning to fall apart so I decided it was time to look at my next purchases more carefully. Bra's can be really expensive so for me it was about investing in some bra's that would last a long time and that were very comfortable.  Possibly due to their marketing, I always tend to buy bra's from Victoria's Secret, but I have found that I don't end up wearing them that often because they don't fit me right and they don't wash well.  

For my birthday I received a $10 off coupon to Soma.  Now, before I ever walked into that store I had always assumed that is was all granny panties and Mumu's.  A couple of Christmas' ago my boyfriend bought me a beautiful robe from Soma and I have warn it to a pulp.  After Christmas they also have a huge sale and so I bought some sleep pants.  Seriously they are the softest most comfortable sleep pants I own.  They also come in sleek, modern, and sophisticated prints so I don't look like I stole a 12 year old's pj's.  

Ok back to bras... So I went this weekend and let them fit me for a bra and I learned a couple things,  I am both a 36 B AND a 34 C.  Depending on the brand's or styles I fluctuate between a 34 and 36, but I didn't realize that increasing the cup size when you go to a smaller chest size is what I had been doing wrong all this time!  I tried on about 10 bras and honestly I could have bought them all!  I decided to purchase just 1 but now I am going to go back and by the strapless too.

I Purchased this Bra, the wire free vanishing back 
Seriously this is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn

image enlargement
Smooth Convertible lined Strapless, I am buying this one too

I also liked these styles as well
image enlargement
Custom Support Lara Underwire

Cool Nights Satin Sleeve Short Robe

Cool Nights Vintage Chemise

Caravan Cami and Shorts

Check out Soma's website HERE

I am also loving these nylon cheapo bras that you can snag at Wet Seal for $5.99!

They both come with removable padding and a rainbow of colors.