Friday, March 16, 2012

Recent Pinterest Favs!

Ok y'all!  Here are my recent Pinterest Favs!  Follow me at to add these to your boards too!

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I love the use of these clip boards to display the necklaces

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I really need this cart.  It's not at our Ikea yet but it will be mine as soon as it arrives!

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Love all the quirky signs and sayings I come across on pinterest.

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All I need is the striped top ...I could wear this all the time:)

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Love these shadow boxes

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How beautiful is this wedding altar?

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This is a random one but I love these dang tires!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coffee Table Redo!

So like almost every redo I forgot to take greta pics before or even during.  I bought this coffee table at a shop solid wood for like $80 bucks 3 years ago.  It has been a great table but it just need that something extra.  With all the stuff I do for my Salty Sisters Junk Business you would think I would have a really great house... Wrong... I feel like its very vanilla... so this is the table top.

and this is the base... I think it is some mexican antique reproduction thing, but it was solid wood and very sturdy.

I made chalk paint in turquoise... Now this isn't chalkboard paint, this stuff just has a nice chalky finish and it distresses very well.  1 part calcium Carbonate, 2 parts paint and a dash of water.  This is after i sanded the edges.

This is after glazing with a dark glaze.

Chris staining the boards that he thoroughly distressed 

Boards drying

close up of the details

It turned out great and we are so excited about our joint masterpiece!

It still need waxing and sealing.

Just a note on the wood.  We did not go cheap on the lumber cause we wanted to showcase it so the table top wood cost about $50 from a specialty lumber yard.

Enjoy!  now onto our headboard project:)