Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now That's My Kind of Book Case

I love shoes, I have too many of them, but I simply cannot part with some of them.  I ALWAYS have problems figuring out how to store them... I tried special shoe racks, but they are not tall enough for many of my super heels and under the bed storage failed miserably too.

But in this house I was at a loss and no place to put them at all.  Here they are just sitting on the guest room floor.

But, then I thought of a genius plan!  

Now that's the best use of a bookcase that I can think of!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a lil' transformation

So when I pledged Phi Mu many moons ago, I received this lap desk as a gift from my Big Sis Mary Alice.  It may be the most useful gift I have ever received.  I use it ALL the time.  I even used to tote it to the library when I would have long study days.  Now I use it for my laptop and to do small crafts when I am sitting on the couch:)  
It had seen better days...

So I decoupaged it and it looks really great!  I used paper I already had in my stash and put it all together:)
Easy Peasy!

Slowly But Surely

So We have been in our new home for a week and most of the boxes are gone... we are just trying to figure out where things are gonna go in the meantime.  So there seems to be an overwhelming amount of clutter.  We are having people over on Saturday night so I imagine it will be in ship shape by then.

This is my crafting and art space... It has a lot of organizing to be done but it is coming along

So much Clutter!!

More pics later this week!

Mount Dora Therapy

So this weekend My Junking sidekick (Mom...she's the best!) and I took a trip over to Renningers!  We decided to leave the truck at home since we are both up to our gills in furniture and stuff.  It was a good move because the furniture selection this show was phenomenal.  Bad news is that I forgot My camera  so I don't have pictures at the show:(  My brain does not function well early in the morning after a night of many glasses of wine;)

Anyways... I did sport this fabulous shirt 
Made by the Junk Gypsy Co.
They have the MOST fabulous stuff ever.

It was a beautiful day and we spent our sweet time carousing through all the booths.  Here's a peek of the treasures we literally scooped up at one of our favorite booths!
Can't wait to start makin' rings outta these gorgeous buttons!

And here is the fabulous cowhide rug I snagged for Chris' birthday present!

This beauty was only $200 I could not believe my ears!!  And their selection was gorgeous.  I had a hard time choosing.

I'll post some more pics later:)

Friday, February 18, 2011


Check out our new workshop blog, Making Junque!  If you are in the Tampa area we would love for you to join us!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dresser and Hutch Done!!!

I am so happy with how this set has turned out!

Here is a close up of the Ballard Designs paper on the dresser top.  

I can't wait to get it to the new house and in my new craft room.  Not too bad for $31!

The hutch was purchased on craigslist for $15.
The dresser was for sale on the side of the road for $10.
New drawer pulls $6.
Ballard Designs gave me the script paper gratis!
Stain was in my supplies and so was the rub'n'buff:)

For this project, the hutch and dresser were painted white.  Then I used Ralph Lauren aging glaze in Teastain.  The original top 4 drawer pulls were brass and replaced with these charming glass pulls.  The bottom 4 drawer handles were jazzed up with gold leaf Rub'n'buff.

Anthropologie's BHLDN Sneak Peek!

Glamor Released some images of the dresses from BHLDN.  Check Out the wedding dresses HERE
0209-1- BHLDN-1-wedding-dresses-anthropologie-wedding-dresses-weddings-collection_we.jpg


And for the wedding Party go HERE


0209-BHLDN-6-bridesmaid dresses-anthropologie-weddings-collection_we.jpg

The crafting gods are shining down upon me!

So I am refinishing a hutch and dresser for my craft room and I was contemplating keeping them clean crisp white... but then I was like, seriously?  Have aliens taken over my brain?  I hopped in the truck and headed over to Home Depot to pick up some things I needed and to sit and stare at the paint swatches for some inspiration.  Then they caught the corner of my eye!  2 lonely cans of Ralph Lauren Faux Finishing Glaze.  I walked over to them and decided to buy a can.  But wait... the price was only $13!!!! WHAT!!  I bought both in Teastain and Tobacco!!  Yay so I glazed the dresser and hutch with Teastain.  Then I decided I wanted to decoupage the top with Frenchy styled paper.

Covered in paint I headed over to Ballard Designs to check out their fancy paper.  Immediately when I walked in the door, they had the perfect French script paper wrapping boxes on their display.  I thought great they have exactly what I need.  But no, they were out of stock and it was not available to order to the end of the month.  I asked the sales lady if I could purchase a used piece off of one of their displays.  She said they couldn't.  Then I saw a piece behind the counter.  I asked if she could call her manager to see if I could purchase that piece.  The manager "the Angel"  came walking out of the back with a HUGE piece of it for me:)  My Hero!!  He rolled it up and handed it over to me!  Shocked I said, I was willing to pay for it and he said not to worry just to take it!  I decided to hi-tail it out of their before he changed his mind.
And here it is!
Isn't it lovely?

And here it is on the dresser... It's bubbling a little bit around the edges, but thats easy to fix:)

 I decided I needed to celebrate this great day!  So I drove to Hobby Lobby (the closest one is almost an hour away!)

I bought some rub n buff for and this is how it turned out:)

Not too bad!

Can't wait to finish the dresser and hutch so I can show it to you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Crafting meet up

Anyone in the Tampa, FL area interested in participating in a crafting workshop?

I am thinking about hosting a crafting workshop on a monthly basis, where craft minded people can get together and we will do a different project each time. You would just need to bring money for the cost of supplies.  I will send out a notification of the project and you can RSVP if you are interested.

If you are interested please email me at


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Featured Blog Post: Mod Vintage Life

I came across THIS post from Mod Vintage Life this weekend.  Its an awesome finial made from an old lamp base.  I really want one of these.  I will have to keep my eyes peeled for something similar.  Here is a pic of their final product!

Don't you just love it!!

Longhorn painting done!

I first posted about this project HERE and now it's done!  I made this one for my boyfriend Christopher and it will actually hang in our home somewhere.  I still need to rub'n'buff the frame.  

I am always making art for other people or I get sick of it and sell it so now we have one for ourselves.

This is the only other piece I have painted for the house.

Looking Back: Before and Afters

 These are pictures of our current rental home.  We are moving because the landlords are selling the home and we are excited about or new home but we loved our time here.  We were able to get a cut on the rent if we painted the house ourselves and did some minor repairs, because our landlords do not live nearby.  So I decided to share our before and afters with you all:)

Most of the living area were painted a tanish khaki color but there were lots of scratches and patching and it needed a good paint job.  We used Restoration Hardware Colors throughout the home and choose warmer hues.
This is the foyer Before

This is the Foyer After painted with RH Latte

The Kitchen Before was stark white with dark gray counters. We toned down the contrast by painting the walls with a soft blue RH Glacier.  To incorporate the gray we painted an accent wall with RH Slate (which is the color we also used in the Living Room.

 This is the side door to the kitchen

 This is the back porch... We decided to put all of our left over furniture out here and it worked out pretty great.

This is the Dining Room before and after.  In the dining room we chose a pale green. RH Silver Sage.  W=We continued this color back into the Hallway to the Bedroom and Bathroom.
This is the picture wall in the dining room.  This is really a focal point in our home.  I have taken old black and white family photos and and used more current photos and color changed them to black and white and mix them together on the wall.

This is the living room After.  I knew the minute I walked into Restoration Hardware and they had this color on the walls that I had to use it somewhere.  It looks so great with the white molding and the tan couches. This is my favorite room in the house! 

We painted the bedroom chocolate brown RH Chocolate

This is the den and we painted it RH Glacier just like the kitchen.

I had to put a vanity in here b/c our bathroom is teeny tiny.

Bathroom before was electric yellow.  We used the same Glacir color in here to soften the room and used chocolate accents to incorporate the color pallet of the bedroom.

 Well thats all folks.  Hope you enjoyed it!  
The one drawback to the new house is that we can't paint the walls.  Boo!  But that means I'll just have to get all the more creative:)

On the Move

We started taking moving seriously this weekend!!  We don't really have a choice since the move is next weekend.  I am sure no one actually likes packing... but boy is it overwhelming when you are in the thick of it!!  Not only have I been trying my best to purge as much as possible, I have also tried to make sure that whatever I am taking has a specific place.  And instead of emptying boxes and shoving things in closets like we did our last move, I am gonna to try to put everything in it's correct place!

This is the back porch... it's my staging area and it is terrifying to look at!  But I really have made a lot of progress:)
 This part is the most chaotic since the purge pile is located over here but I am ready to let go of stuff:)

This is the dresser that I bought at Mt. Dora for $10. It got a few coats of white paint today (before it was pretty yellowed and yucky)... cause I bought a great hutch on CL this weekend thats gonna set on top of it.  This will be my art and craft storage:)

Heres the hutch!  It was only $15 and it was newly painted about a year ago so I don't have to so a thing to it:)

 I am thinking about lining the back with some fun fabric or paint a fun pattern on it but I haven't decided yet... That will happen after the move.  But I think some fun Amy Butler fabric on the back and on the drawer fronts could be fun:)

I am a sucker for old suitcases.  Especially when I find them for $1.  I have 9 of them but I have decided to keep only these 4 and use themas a nightstand and as craft storage.  I plan on making some fun tags and charms to hang off the handles!

Ok, thats it for now!  Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mobile blogging

Just downloaded this program to my iPhone to blog on the go!

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Great Finds At Urban Outffiters

As many of you may already know Urban Outfitters, Inc. owns Anthropologie.  The thing many people don't realize is that you can get great home items that have the look of Anthro for a fraction of the price at Urban Outfitters
Antiqued Medallions $79
Birdcage Lamp $98

Dress Form $300
2x3 flora rug $18

Ruffled laundry bag $49

Check out the rest Urban Outfitters apartment has to offer HERE