Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looking Back: Before and Afters

 These are pictures of our current rental home.  We are moving because the landlords are selling the home and we are excited about or new home but we loved our time here.  We were able to get a cut on the rent if we painted the house ourselves and did some minor repairs, because our landlords do not live nearby.  So I decided to share our before and afters with you all:)

Most of the living area were painted a tanish khaki color but there were lots of scratches and patching and it needed a good paint job.  We used Restoration Hardware Colors throughout the home and choose warmer hues.
This is the foyer Before

This is the Foyer After painted with RH Latte

The Kitchen Before was stark white with dark gray counters. We toned down the contrast by painting the walls with a soft blue RH Glacier.  To incorporate the gray we painted an accent wall with RH Slate (which is the color we also used in the Living Room.

 This is the side door to the kitchen

 This is the back porch... We decided to put all of our left over furniture out here and it worked out pretty great.

This is the Dining Room before and after.  In the dining room we chose a pale green. RH Silver Sage.  W=We continued this color back into the Hallway to the Bedroom and Bathroom.
This is the picture wall in the dining room.  This is really a focal point in our home.  I have taken old black and white family photos and and used more current photos and color changed them to black and white and mix them together on the wall.

This is the living room After.  I knew the minute I walked into Restoration Hardware and they had this color on the walls that I had to use it somewhere.  It looks so great with the white molding and the tan couches. This is my favorite room in the house! 

We painted the bedroom chocolate brown RH Chocolate

This is the den and we painted it RH Glacier just like the kitchen.

I had to put a vanity in here b/c our bathroom is teeny tiny.

Bathroom before was electric yellow.  We used the same Glacir color in here to soften the room and used chocolate accents to incorporate the color pallet of the bedroom.

 Well thats all folks.  Hope you enjoyed it!  
The one drawback to the new house is that we can't paint the walls.  Boo!  But that means I'll just have to get all the more creative:)

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