Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Longhorn Artwork Underway

Here is the artwork that I am working on that I was inspired to make by the Ballard Designs Horses.  I liked the look of the horses but I didn't want Horses.  So here is the first phase.

This is a photo I got off the internet and altered with a picture editor so that I could do the black and white.

This canvas and frame used to have a really ugly and tacky beach scene.  I tried to paint over it and I painted a disaster almost as ugly as the original beach scene.  So I took out a can of black spray paint and sprayed the frame and then I grabbed some black gloss wall paint and went to town on the Canvas...

This is just the first phase.  It still needs lots of grey shadowing and black detailing and then I am going to antique it a little.  The frame will probably get some gold rub'n'buff too:)

I wrote some lettering in the background but I am going to paint over it cause I liked it better just black.

Hopefully I will have this sucker done in the next couple days!