Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The crafting gods are shining down upon me!

So I am refinishing a hutch and dresser for my craft room and I was contemplating keeping them clean crisp white... but then I was like, seriously?  Have aliens taken over my brain?  I hopped in the truck and headed over to Home Depot to pick up some things I needed and to sit and stare at the paint swatches for some inspiration.  Then they caught the corner of my eye!  2 lonely cans of Ralph Lauren Faux Finishing Glaze.  I walked over to them and decided to buy a can.  But wait... the price was only $13!!!! WHAT!!  I bought both in Teastain and Tobacco!!  Yay so I glazed the dresser and hutch with Teastain.  Then I decided I wanted to decoupage the top with Frenchy styled paper.

Covered in paint I headed over to Ballard Designs to check out their fancy paper.  Immediately when I walked in the door, they had the perfect French script paper wrapping boxes on their display.  I thought great they have exactly what I need.  But no, they were out of stock and it was not available to order to the end of the month.  I asked the sales lady if I could purchase a used piece off of one of their displays.  She said they couldn't.  Then I saw a piece behind the counter.  I asked if she could call her manager to see if I could purchase that piece.  The manager "the Angel"  came walking out of the back with a HUGE piece of it for me:)  My Hero!!  He rolled it up and handed it over to me!  Shocked I said, I was willing to pay for it and he said not to worry just to take it!  I decided to hi-tail it out of their before he changed his mind.
And here it is!
Isn't it lovely?

And here it is on the dresser... It's bubbling a little bit around the edges, but thats easy to fix:)

 I decided I needed to celebrate this great day!  So I drove to Hobby Lobby (the closest one is almost an hour away!)

I bought some rub n buff for and this is how it turned out:)

Not too bad!

Can't wait to finish the dresser and hutch so I can show it to you!

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