Monday, August 22, 2011

Belle Noel Jewelry

Tonight at Nordstrom's I discovered the costume jewelry line, Belle Noel.  As obnoxious as I think Kim Kardashian is, this line of jewelry is really fabulous.  This time I can not deny her and her design team's great taste.  The line has funky pieces that can be dressed up and  basic pieces with a twist that can be worn everyday.  Some of my favorites had a great hexagon and honeycomb pattern.  I also loved the chain link pieces that are so on trend right now.

Belle Noel Resin Stone and Pave Necklace in Yellow Gold
This is the necklace that I bought, $48 

Belle Noel Love Bracelet in Gold
Hexagon and Honeycomb Bangle, $78

 Belle Noel Multi Chain Nugget Necklace
Chunky Chain Necklace, $90

Hexagon pave studs, $25

This collection is full of fun pieces and you can find a good amount of it in stores at Nordstrom or check out the line online HERE


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Mason Jars

I thought I would share some more ideas using Mason Jars with you.  If you are not on pinterest yet sign up cause there are about a million more ideas and you can follow me aymuller:)  I also have an old post HERE

I just love this chandelier and the light fixture!

I also think these travel jars are a great way to display the trinkets and things you have aquired during your travels!

These galaxy jars are a great project for your kids or a fun party favor!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo Transfer Tutorial

Came across this great photo tutorial at Delia Creates and I decided to try it out myself.  Please go to Delia Creates to get more detailed instructions but here's a little run down of how it goes.

8x10 Picture (Printed off your laser jet printer)
Artist Gel Medium
8x10 Canvas
Spray bottle with water
Paint optional

Here's what you do...

If you want a colored background, paint the canvas your color and let it dry... if not, skip this step.

With a paint brush or a foam brush cover the canvas with the gel medium.

While it is still wet carefully place your picture face down on the canvas.

Rub the paper picture until you have removed all the air bubbles.

Wait for gel to completely dry this could take 4 hours or more so be patient.

When everything is dry spray the paper with the water and start to rub off all the paper.  This is REALLY messy, wet paper chunks everywhere!

Keep rubbing until all the paper is gone and only the image remains.  Try not to rub to long in one spot or you will take off the image too.

This image was done without painting the background

This one was painted blue before transferring the image 

This technique leaves a great distressed finish.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 29th birthday and I have been very blessed these 29 years of my life.  First off I want to thank everyone for all of the kind birthday wishes and for sharing this day with me!So far it has been a wonderful celebration.  This past weekend I went to New Orleans with some girlfriends, Today I will have a great dinner at my parent's house and celebrate with my family, and this weekend I will have a toga party with all of my friends.  See I had to make up for the birthday that I spent sick in bed with a horrible stomach flu for nearly a week last year!

I wanted to share some photos with you...

This is my mom and I, 29 years ago just home from the hospital. My mom is also 29 in this picture.

This is my first birthday and these are my Abuelos on my dad's side of the family.

Also my first birthday, it was clown themed.  Looks Like I wasn't too sure how I felt about that!

So strange to think that I was ever this little. I look at my goddaughter who is about to turn 2 and watch how her mother dotes on her and how we play together and think this is so cool how everything comes full circle.  My mother and Godmother laugh when I talk about her because they say that it didn't seem so long ago when it was I who was that small and it was they who doted on me.

Thanks again for all of your love and support!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Traces of Cuba

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Cuba.  In the quiet moments of my days the flood of emotions I experienced there still creeps back into my mind.  I have wanted to write a follow up post about my trip but I am still grasping for the right words to explain my feelings.

How does one really explain the feeling of sadness AND the feeling of joy that have taken a hold of my heart?  There is an emptiness and fullness that remain. 

The rain that beats here on my window is the same rain that washes the streets of Havana but never have I been to and from a place and really feel like I travelled in time or perhaps even another planet.  I wish I could video chat with my brothers and sisters in Cuba and see their shining bright faces.  I wish I could smell the heavy scent of rice and beans wafting through the halls of the Methodist center.  I long for the shouts and laughter of the Cuban children in streets. 

The sting of the emotional shockwave that hit me in that place has not yet slipped through my fingers.  My mind still swirls with the echoes and sights of Cuba.  Even now writing these few words, the faces of my church family and blood family trace through my mind and it is overwhelming.

Elio and Ibel


I think about these boys every day.  All three of them are 11 years old.  They have the best manners, they work hard, the make good grades in school.  If I had the means to I would adopt them all.  I hope to see them again the next time I go back.  See how much they have grown and hope that the stress of their lives their has not stolen the sparkle in their eyes.

It's a amazing how large the human heart must be.  I am certain that I left a piece of mine with each person I met in Cuba and I desire to go back and leave some more.