Monday, August 22, 2011

Belle Noel Jewelry

Tonight at Nordstrom's I discovered the costume jewelry line, Belle Noel.  As obnoxious as I think Kim Kardashian is, this line of jewelry is really fabulous.  This time I can not deny her and her design team's great taste.  The line has funky pieces that can be dressed up and  basic pieces with a twist that can be worn everyday.  Some of my favorites had a great hexagon and honeycomb pattern.  I also loved the chain link pieces that are so on trend right now.

Belle Noel Resin Stone and Pave Necklace in Yellow Gold
This is the necklace that I bought, $48 

Belle Noel Love Bracelet in Gold
Hexagon and Honeycomb Bangle, $78

 Belle Noel Multi Chain Nugget Necklace
Chunky Chain Necklace, $90

Hexagon pave studs, $25

This collection is full of fun pieces and you can find a good amount of it in stores at Nordstrom or check out the line online HERE

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