Friday, August 5, 2011

Traces of Cuba

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Cuba.  In the quiet moments of my days the flood of emotions I experienced there still creeps back into my mind.  I have wanted to write a follow up post about my trip but I am still grasping for the right words to explain my feelings.

How does one really explain the feeling of sadness AND the feeling of joy that have taken a hold of my heart?  There is an emptiness and fullness that remain. 

The rain that beats here on my window is the same rain that washes the streets of Havana but never have I been to and from a place and really feel like I travelled in time or perhaps even another planet.  I wish I could video chat with my brothers and sisters in Cuba and see their shining bright faces.  I wish I could smell the heavy scent of rice and beans wafting through the halls of the Methodist center.  I long for the shouts and laughter of the Cuban children in streets. 

The sting of the emotional shockwave that hit me in that place has not yet slipped through my fingers.  My mind still swirls with the echoes and sights of Cuba.  Even now writing these few words, the faces of my church family and blood family trace through my mind and it is overwhelming.

Elio and Ibel


I think about these boys every day.  All three of them are 11 years old.  They have the best manners, they work hard, the make good grades in school.  If I had the means to I would adopt them all.  I hope to see them again the next time I go back.  See how much they have grown and hope that the stress of their lives their has not stolen the sparkle in their eyes.

It's a amazing how large the human heart must be.  I am certain that I left a piece of mine with each person I met in Cuba and I desire to go back and leave some more.

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