Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo Transfer Tutorial

Came across this great photo tutorial at Delia Creates and I decided to try it out myself.  Please go to Delia Creates to get more detailed instructions but here's a little run down of how it goes.

8x10 Picture (Printed off your laser jet printer)
Artist Gel Medium
8x10 Canvas
Spray bottle with water
Paint optional

Here's what you do...

If you want a colored background, paint the canvas your color and let it dry... if not, skip this step.

With a paint brush or a foam brush cover the canvas with the gel medium.

While it is still wet carefully place your picture face down on the canvas.

Rub the paper picture until you have removed all the air bubbles.

Wait for gel to completely dry this could take 4 hours or more so be patient.

When everything is dry spray the paper with the water and start to rub off all the paper.  This is REALLY messy, wet paper chunks everywhere!

Keep rubbing until all the paper is gone and only the image remains.  Try not to rub to long in one spot or you will take off the image too.

This image was done without painting the background

This one was painted blue before transferring the image 

This technique leaves a great distressed finish.


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