Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mason Jars

I was looking through my personal collection of internet finds and photos to help me decide what I should blog about this week and I came across some ideas that use mason jars in really functional and decorative ways. I probably have enough mason jar ideas to do a month's worth of blogging but here are two I especially love:)

I love this quick and easy idea! For the pin cushion all you need is a scrap of fabric and some cotton batting or even just a few cotton balls. A mason jar lid comes in 2 parts, the disk jar topper and the fastening ring. Glue cotton to the disk topper then cover with fabric and glue fabric to the under side of the topper. Then glue the topper into the ring fastener. Inside the jar you add some buttons, a couple needles, a small pair of scissors, and a couple spools of thread!

I have a decent sized sewing kit but its kinda big and I keep it stored with all of my art stuff. This sewing jar is great for me to keep in my closet or laundry room for a quick fix! I think it makes a great little gift for a college bound student too!

These mason jars have been used to make herb terrariums. I think these would be great in a kitchen for quick and easy fresh herbs at your fingertips. Take a clamping mason jar and put some small rocks at the bottom, then add some soil and top off with some more rocks. Plant the herb seeds or seedling and add some water. Make sure you don't over water, just enough to keep the soil moist. Presto!

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