Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zoku Pop Maker Update

So a few posts back I wrote about the Zoku Pop Maker from William-Sonoma and I got one for my birthday!!!! Yipee!!!

I so badly wanted to make a Popsicle right away the minute I opened it but you have to freeze the base for 24 hours.

This thing is great!!!! It works just as it says it does and it is so easy to use. Here are the flavors I have made so far... Strawberry- put some fresh strawberries in the food processor and added some sugar, Chocolate banana marshmallow- a mixture of mashed bananas some chocolate pudding a dash of milk and some marshmallows, strawberry jello pops- just poured in some strawberry jello but we need to use less water next time because they froze too hard into the mold and Banana cream pops- mashed bananas a dash of milk and fat free banana cream pie yogurt.

I plan on making a chocolate peanut butter one next! yum yum. I highly recommend this as a gift for yourself or a friend. not only do you get to make pops in any flavor you want any time you want them... BUT they are also really healthy too!

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