Monday, February 21, 2011

Mount Dora Therapy

So this weekend My Junking sidekick (Mom...she's the best!) and I took a trip over to Renningers!  We decided to leave the truck at home since we are both up to our gills in furniture and stuff.  It was a good move because the furniture selection this show was phenomenal.  Bad news is that I forgot My camera  so I don't have pictures at the show:(  My brain does not function well early in the morning after a night of many glasses of wine;)

Anyways... I did sport this fabulous shirt 
Made by the Junk Gypsy Co.
They have the MOST fabulous stuff ever.

It was a beautiful day and we spent our sweet time carousing through all the booths.  Here's a peek of the treasures we literally scooped up at one of our favorite booths!
Can't wait to start makin' rings outta these gorgeous buttons!

And here is the fabulous cowhide rug I snagged for Chris' birthday present!

This beauty was only $200 I could not believe my ears!!  And their selection was gorgeous.  I had a hard time choosing.

I'll post some more pics later:)

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