Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the Move

We started taking moving seriously this weekend!!  We don't really have a choice since the move is next weekend.  I am sure no one actually likes packing... but boy is it overwhelming when you are in the thick of it!!  Not only have I been trying my best to purge as much as possible, I have also tried to make sure that whatever I am taking has a specific place.  And instead of emptying boxes and shoving things in closets like we did our last move, I am gonna to try to put everything in it's correct place!

This is the back porch... it's my staging area and it is terrifying to look at!  But I really have made a lot of progress:)
 This part is the most chaotic since the purge pile is located over here but I am ready to let go of stuff:)

This is the dresser that I bought at Mt. Dora for $10. It got a few coats of white paint today (before it was pretty yellowed and yucky)... cause I bought a great hutch on CL this weekend thats gonna set on top of it.  This will be my art and craft storage:)

Heres the hutch!  It was only $15 and it was newly painted about a year ago so I don't have to so a thing to it:)

 I am thinking about lining the back with some fun fabric or paint a fun pattern on it but I haven't decided yet... That will happen after the move.  But I think some fun Amy Butler fabric on the back and on the drawer fronts could be fun:)

I am a sucker for old suitcases.  Especially when I find them for $1.  I have 9 of them but I have decided to keep only these 4 and use themas a nightstand and as craft storage.  I plan on making some fun tags and charms to hang off the handles!

Ok, thats it for now!  Have a wonderful week!

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