Monday, November 22, 2010

Mount Dora Explora!

Here are all of my fabulous finds from Mount Dora this weekend!!!

a bunch of great vintage buttons... stay tuned to see what I will be doing with these!!

Great red suitcase to be Christmasified!

Ballerina jewelry box... still not sure what I am going to do to this... but all that brown yucky stuff wiped right off with some Clorox spray!

Really great vintage jewelry finds!!

High heeled shoe forms in my size:)

Thsi dresser I snagged for $10 on the side of the road close to the Antiques Market!
It's not wood but I don't care!
The view of the Market from our car.

We were told about another festival that is starting to Rival Mount Dora. It's called the Florida Fly Wheelers and we are gonna check it out in January and maybe set up a booth for February!
Whooo Hooo!!!

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  1. Hey, do you still have your jewelry box?.... the ballerina one? I have the EXACT same one... I am wondering if yours plays the same song... I am trying to figure out the name of it! :(