Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where did October go?!

October just got swept away it seems! In the meantime I was too busy for blogging! But here is a wrap up post!

Halloween Parties and treats were a big hit and Trick or treaters got a kick out of earning their candy by putting their hands in different bowls full of "guts" at "Madame Esmeralda's Spell Shop!"

On Halloween during the day I started stripping the inside of my house of my decor and moved most of it to the front yard and thats what I used to set up the Spell Shop table. And then at the end of the night I pulled out all of my storage containers and put it all away... Kinda. I still ahve spider webs and moss hanging all over that I need to pull down... the worst part is the clean up must say!
Trick or treat table
All the kids had to put their hands in guts before getting candy!

Night view

Setting up for Trick or Treaters

Cabbage brain and fenel heart

Halloween party Snacks

Dining room set up

Front yard

Front Walk

Somebody had too much to drink!

Spooky Shelf

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