Friday, June 25, 2010

My Top 10 Steals and Splurges

I thought I would share with you 10 of my favorite products right now... 5 of them are steals and 5 of them a splurges.

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1. Square Candles $3.50 - These are hands down my favorite candles! They are inexpensive, long lasting and smell so great... once you get them you will be hooked and they have so many different smells from tangelo to grass. I haven't found them in Tampa yet but you can get them at The Sand Dollar boutique on Anna Maria Island and online at their website and in Houston you can get them at Jubilee on 19th in the Heights.

2. Cover Girl Lip Stain $6.50- This is a great lip stain with a ton of great shades and they really do last a long time giving your pout a natural hint of color. My favorite is Wild Berry Wink and I wear it nearly every day.

3. Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers $2.00- I love this chap stick! Not only is it super cheap, it has a great soft berry tint to it and is a great moisturizer. I have been using this stuff since middle school and I keep it in my bag at all times!

4. Baby Magic Calming Milk Conditioner Shampoo $4.50- Baby shampoo isn't just for babies! This creamy soap has a fresh lavender and chamomile sent that is so refreshing. I use in in the shower or to wash my face. Its no tears formula makes it the perfect eye makeup remover...dab some on a cotton ball and it will take your makeup right of with no oily residue like other eye makeup removers.

5. Loreal Everstrong Deep Replenishing Hair Masque $7.99- This stuff not only smells so good it leaves your hair silky smooth. I use it a couple times a week and I notice a visible difference in the condition of my hair.


6. Claus Porto Soaps $15- These bars of soap are huge and they last forever! The french milled soap is soooo creamy and the fragrances are just divine! I have the Ilyria scent in my shower now!

7. Soma Sleep Pants $49- I love Soma's cool nights fabrics. They are luxuriously soft but keep you cool at night, and for me I get hot in my sleep and these are so comfortable. They also come in really soft and pretty prints and are easy to wear around the house without totally looking like you are wearing your pajamas. Bonus: These always go on sale and you can pick them up for half price!

8. TIGI Curlesque Hair Products $14-$20- I just recently started using TIGI Products and I first tried the Curls Rock line and really loved the results. Then they introduced their Curlesque line and now I am hooked. Although the shampoo and conditioner come in a little hefty at $40 for the pair, it has been well worth the investment. It smells great and there is a noticeable difference in the curl definition of my hair when I style it. I know all of you don't have curly hair but I definitely recommend trying some of their other hair care lines. Go to your local Tony & Guy Salon and the stylist will help you choose the products best suited for your hair type!

9. Moroccan Mineral Oil $40 for 4 oz.- At $10 an ounce this definitely appears to be a major splurge but it is well worth the price. This rich mineral oil is a serum for your hair that seals the hair and leaves it super shiny! A bottle lasts forever since you only use a dime size. I have had my bottle for 6 months and it's still half full. You can get it at most beauty stores that sell Salon Hair products. In Tampa, Buy Best has a few different brands and sizes.

10. Thymes Home Fragrance in Blue Lotus $17 - This home fragrance is rich and decadent and smells so good. The scent is long lasting and so is the bottle. I bought this for my boyfriend a while back and he loves it. It's a great gift to by for a housewarming gift or that hard-to-buy for any guy!

Well I hope you enjoyed this update and please share with me some of your
favorite steals and splurges!!

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