Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Intoxicating scents at Anthropologie

So as we all know mother's day is coming up and so I popped into Anthropologie for some quick and thoughtful gifts.   Any time I am not sure what to get someone or I need a handful of unique gifts Anthropologie always has the perfect thing!

I came across quite a few products that were to die for and would make lovely gifts.

The first product was hand and body lotion from Blithe and Bonny in Honey Almond.  I bought 4 of them!  This stuff not only feels great, it has the best scent.  I rubbed it all over my hands and arms right there in the middle of the store!

At only $16 a bottle it makes a great gift and comes in a fun box too!  Get it HERE
They also have Lavender and Pink Grapefruit scents.

I also came across the Illume Boulangerie jar candle.
I bought one of these too since my aunt has skin allergies in Cape Apricot.

It has such a wonderfully fresh and rich smell and it's also only $16.  Get it HERE
I also loved the Apple Blossom Scent and they have some others

I really wanted to buy this one for myself but since I was already buying a top, and a tube of that BB lotion was for me too, I thought I would show some restraint. (imagine that!) but I really love this Capri African Jasmine Candle, $28.  Get it HERE

So many more but thats all for today!

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