Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Wrap-Up

This was another successful Halloween!  Being one of my favorite holidays I try not to spare any details:)  But alas it is over and time to move on to new projects.

Esmeralda was a hit this year and even had a fellow witch, Mandy, to conjure with!  She brought her own broom and has the best witch laugh!

So here are some pics of the night!!

 This is my neighbor, The Beautiful Mia, as a jellyfish!

Let's stop for a second and talk about Mia's awesomeness! I helped her assemble her umbrella, we used a clear umbrella, cut even strips of bubble wrap, used clear and iridescent plastic gift wrap shreds, and this really awesome silver decomesh tubing.  With some super hot, hot glue, we stuck it all together.

What really makes the outfit is Mia's fabulous gagaesque twist!  The white wig and the glittery mask were so fun.  Her dress was from a bargain bin at a theatrical shop, and the chiffon was so pretty flowing as she walked!  Best costume hands down!
Of course we did get a little inspiration from Martha:)

I love this picture so I edited it 3 times!  Why is dry ice so darn cool?  I have no idea but it sure gave off the impression that I had real magic! hahaha!

This night time version shows how the cauldron looks lit up in the dark.

You take grape vine wreaths, and set a glass bowl inside filled with orange Halloween lights, and then stuff yellow tissue paper in the cracks.  It was pretty great.

 The table was pretty difficult to shoot with my standard camera, there is just so much going on it's difficult to show all the details.

But, I can kinda list how I put a lot of it together.

There are 2 card tables with a black plastic Halloween themed table cloth.  Then I put Halloween orange lights on the table and then draped gray creepy cloth over everything.  The tower is just a metal home decor accent that I covered with orange lights and gray and black creepy cloth and hung a skeleton.  I have a black wire tree with caged crow lights,  a stack of old books, skulls of varying sizes a bird cage with crows, potted green plants, spiders, rats, and silver pumpkins.  I used old wine and liquor bottles stuffed with corks and rags with moss and stuff, and I printed some free labels from the internet.  And I have a couple of glass jars and bottles that I stacked around.  I made a faux candy apple and put it in a cloche and made a tag that said poison apple.  I used candle sticks to give height to skulls and other props and I shoved spanish moss all around.

Then of Course you cant have a witch's potion table without some real live ingredients.
Eyeballs:  Plasic eyes and grapes with a splash of water
Bullfrog kidneys:  Kidney beans
Ogre snot: slime mad from glue water and borax
Zombie brains:  cold sticky linguine
Shrunken head soup: mini skulls in water
Crusty Scabs:  Craisins

 Brains and Ogre snot

I lay a piece of cheese cloth over the bowls and then I rip holes,  the cloth is transparent so you can kinda see through it, but it's not as obvious.

I have all the kids put their hands in each bowl and then I pause for a minute before I bring out a cauldron of candy.  If they don't want to touch the goo I have them scream as loud as they can for their candy.

My script runs along the lines of 'I need little children's fingers to mix the ingredients for my potions!"
When I hear them coming I proclaim " I smell children, they smell delicious.. I mean so lovely"
When They are hesitant I say things like " don't worry I don't actually eat children on Halloween Night!"
When they don't want to touch the ogre snot I say "oh but it's fabulous for your skin!"
And when they don't want to touch the crusty scabs I say "oh come on!  Everybody picks their own scabs!"

It's all pretty gross but the kids really love it!  The parent's enjoy it too!

Until next year my pretties!

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