Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding Shower Invitations

My bestie is getting married in April and we are doing all kinds of fun stuff leading up to her wedding. I am working on loads of things but I can't post them until after she gets to see them so my posts will be delayed.  I have made some fun stuff for her bachelorette party this weekend:)  So I will post about that next week.  

I am throwing her a shower and wanted to have really fun invitations without breaking the bank.  Her colors are yellow and gray with splashes of fuchsia.  (I am really excited that us bridesmaids get to wear fuchsia shoes!)  Anyway, the shower is a garden party theme and will have tons of hand made stuff so I wanted the invite to reflect that. 30 invitations cost about $25 to make:)

First I started with this at home printable wedding invitation kit ($20 on clearance at Michaels)

I grabbed a couple sheets of Scrapbook paper from my stash.

And  cut out all the circles and cut small circular shapes from the stripe paper.

Then I crinkled the circles, then used glue dots to adhere them to the invite in clusters

Here's a pic of about half of the ones I had done

I then took the "RSVP" Cards which I printed as the registry card and tied them with the bow that came in the  package.

Bright and colorful alluding to the handmade craftiness that is to come!!

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