Monday, June 25, 2012

Super Slacker

When I started this blog I apparently felt like I had a lot of extra time on my hands!!!  I had a boyfriend studying for the Bar and my Salty Sisters business only had me making about 1 or 2 custom orders every 2 weeks or so!  And then came Pinterest!  And I seriously do have an addiction to pinning.

Glad to report I am producing at least 2-5 orders for Salty sisters a week, and doing a monthly market and about to pick up a second market... so 2 markets a month... and now I am getting ready for the Mother of all holiday markets in the Tampa area  so I have been crazy busy.  Did I mention I also work full time for my family's business that couldn't be more unrelated to art?!

With That being said I want to post about some great beauty products that I have come across recently!

I have really enjoyed some products I picked up on a whim by Maybeline...

I love this stuff, its nice and glossy so it doesn't dry out your lips like other stains, and I adore the berry heavenly color.  It doesn't last 10 hours but it does last pretty well through a meal or drinks.

This mascara will make your lashes SUPER long and the full bristle brush really looks natural.  It's a gel mousse so it doesn't leave flakes under your eyes by the end of the day.

These next two Products were introduced to me by my wonderful aesthetician, Angelica at Angelica Beauty and Waxing,  You can get the following products from her Salon.

Merben Sisal Bikini Brush
It's summer time which means bikini time and this little bristled brush is my new best friend.  When your skin is dry you rub it along your bikini line and it super exfoliates your skin, removing a lot of the dead skin that often traps hair creating unsightly bumps and ingrowns.

Starter Sets
I am in love with this line of skincare products by Eminence.  I have sensitive skin and if there is too much chemical junk in it I will definitely have some sort of reaction to it, and since so many products today are full of junk, my skin routine was basicallly baby shampoo and avoiding any other skin products.  Angelica introduced me to this line and I love to use the products and perform my daily skin care ritual.  Plus everything smells sooooo great.   I started with the dry skin starter pack, and so far I love everything in it.  The starter kits are great cause its a wonderful way to start using the products without spending a fortune.  I can now start buying the full sizes incrementally.

I  purchased the full size of the Almond and Mineral Treatment

 Almond & Mineral Treatment
Between the outdoor markets, going junking in some really dusty places, and cutting wood and painting outside, my face can get really grimey so I love this scrub cause it seems to get just the right amount of scrub without being to harsh or overly abrasive.

Ok folks!  I hope this was helpful and that you may enjoy some of these products too!

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