Monday, June 25, 2012

Upcoming stuff

A cousin asked if I would share some of my social media experiences with her in a virtual interview for her blog for her new marketing business and I can't wait to share that with you.

In virtual news,  I purchased the Domain name for in anticipation of a huge Gasparilla season. The link sends you to the Facebook Page I just started for Gasparilla wreaths. Yes it's still 5 months away but I am learning that when it comes to the holidays you can never start to early... so yes I am staring stuff for Christmas already too!!!

That means I have lots of new projects to try so that means more tutorials for y'all and some good laughs for a couple fails... cause there definitely will be plenty of those!

Also,  Salty Sisters Junk Partnership with Life Writing Photography is starting off great!!!!
We finished our first round of sessions just hours before Tropical Storm Debbie hit.  Talk about taking serious advantage of the calm before the storm!!!  (look for an additional post about that)

Thanks for reading my blog!  I love you all!!!!

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