Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Junk Paper Flowers

Another fun flower that I made for the bridal shower were these junk paper flowers.  I used a variety of stuff to pull these off and they looked fantastic.

Here is my list of stuff I used:
White coffee filters
Tea Stained Coffee Filters
Pink dyed coffee filters
Paper doilies
Tulle circles
Book Pages
Scrap paper
tissue paper
cupcake liners

If the paper was stiff I crinkled it up in a ball to loosen it up a little.

Then I stacked the circles in varying order and placed a dot of hot glue in the center of each layer 
I did not glue the top couple of layers until last.
With the base stack i pinched the bottom making a bunch and added glue to the creases to that it would hold.
Then I did the same with the top layers that I did not glue to the main stack and glued it straight to the base stack.

I hope you are following this:)
In the end your rosettes should look something like this.

And here they are in action:)

They were pinned to the backs of all the chairs and the guests were welcome to take them home as a little favor!

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