Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life Writing Photography

Today I want to plug my friend Janie at Life Writing Photography.
She is such a talented photographer and will also be doing the photography for Stacey's wedding!  It is so great to have photographer friends, so that when they come to your event's they make them look like this!!!! I feel like these pictures really captured the beauty of the day and what a great time we had.

Click HERE to see the pics of the Bridal Shower on her website and there is a great slideshow too!!

Here is a little winged bud vase!

To the left you have a centerpiece and to the right a gorgeous view of the food!

This is a parasol I made in Stacey's wedding colors!

More Centerpieces

Lanterns... So simple yet so chic!


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  1. That winged bud vase is so dang cute! She does great work. The whole shower is just amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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