Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Halloween Porches and Pumpkins

So I have been rummaging around scooping up things for decorations and projects for Halloween and here are a couple of things I have come across.

This witch's curtain is from Martha Stewart. I came across the idea a year ago and this year I am going to border my porch with it. It is made by cutting garbage bags and stretching the strands. I did a test run with some dollar store bags and it went ok but I believe heavy duty bags from the hardware store will do better . That's what Martha said to use in the first place. The cheapo bags kept breaking and it looked pretty skimpy.

I have a serious confession. I bought these two pumpkins last night, but I could not resist!
they have them by the hundreds at Sam's Club for less than $10 a piece and they are HUGE!! This picture just does not do them justice. I can barely get my arms around them. I figured Sam's would have plenty come October, but I like the really fat ones and these have really great stems. I just couldn't pass them up!

My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy when I lugged these bad boys in with the rest of the groceries, but I quit pleading my sanity to him a while back! Pumpkins can last months indoors if you don't carve them.

I have a million Halloween Ideas going through my head and hopefully, one project at a time I will get through all of them:)

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