Saturday, December 18, 2010

White House Christmas Party

Where do I even begin to talk about this experience. I have been on White House tours and family events from When I was young and my father worked for the Clinton administration. He used to take my mother to galas and cocktail parties but I had never gotten to go. So this year when my father received an invitation for the Christmas party he decided to take me as his date. The Hose is beautiful itself, but add Christmas decorations and it is breathtaking. A fresh coate of snow had fallen during the day so the walk through the grounds to get through the main entrance was spectacular.

As you walk in the front entrance your are greeted by Marine Corps Guards every step of the way, and their gallant uniforms are just as much decoration as the Christmas trees. My second thought always when walking through the white house is how accurate the Westing Wing TV Series got it! After coat check you walk up a large white marble staircase and enter the main hall. from the main hall you can walk through the 2 ballrooms and interior rooms of the west wing. The food was spectacular and the decorations incredible. The funnest part may have been sitting on the beautiful furniture. Just think of all the other influential butts that have sat there before! Haha!

Ok now for the pictures! It was difficult taking some cause there were many people in attendance, but when certain rooms thinned out I snapped some good shots:)

This is the Green Room, and guess what all the decorations are made of? Old book pages, newspaper and magazines, sprayed gold and glittered!
Who would have thought that they would have been so crafty! Trying not too look like a crazy person, I looked to see how it was all put together and here is what I came up with.
This tree is all book pages. and it is at least 7 feet tall and there were 2 of them. There were also 2 large rolled paper wreaths hanging above them.
These are trees made of old magazines with the pages folded down and sprayed gold.
This tree was made of paper squares.

This is in the Hallway and its a big Bo with little paper mache dogs and cats all around him.

This is the main tree ch=elebrating the harvest and heartland of America. It looks like a state fair tree with large prize ribbons and other ornaments. Each ornament represents all the great food items we enjoy here in our Country.

Here you can see the hand sewn crab, and on the ribbon there are potatoes.

These ornaments are a salmon and on the ribbon there are bananas.

This is my favorite room. It's the most Dramatic and the decor was red, fuchsia, and purple. So Decadent!

That's me sitting on the red brushed silk setee!

This is my second favorite room with all the first wives portraits. And of course my fav Jackie O.
Ladybird Johnson

the food in the ballroom, I took this one towards the end of the night while people were getting their photos done, so you get a pretty good view.

Christmas trees in the ballroom flanking Lincoln's Portrait.

Main Hall

Arent those branch urns in the main hall just gorgeous? I am obsessed with them, there were 4 2 flanking each side.

Marine Corps Band

And last but not least, the spectacular nativity scene. each character was about a foot or so tall.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! I love to here feedback and I can't wait to replicate some of these ideas in my Christmas decor next year!

We just got our picture in the mail!!!

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