Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nail Polish Strips

Last night I tried Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips and it was awesome! 
Salon Effects

 I didn't do a perfect job, doing my right hand with my left was a little tricky but overall I am completely satisfied!  I think it just takes a little practice but overall it was really easy.  Basically they are stickers and the kit comes with about 15 or so stickers in a variety of sizes so you can choose the sizes that work best for your nail size.  You place the stiker ofver your nail, file the excess of of the tip with the file that it comes with and use the wood stick to trip around the cuticles if you need to.  It's supposed to last 10 days and you can take it off with regular nail polish remover.  At $10 bucks that's a deal!

I chose the color Blitz Glitz and it is funky but oh so fabulous!

Taking pics of glitter is difficult, but I think y'all can get the Idea!

There are about 20 or so colors to choose from and you can get them at your local drugstore:)

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