Friday, December 16, 2011

Birdie Goodie Bags

I am making cookies to give out to my coworkers and neighbors and I was trying to figure out what to put them in without spending a fortune on containers.  So I picked up some brown paper bags and figured something would come to me.  I was thinking about using book pages to make birds to glue to the bags and one of the bajillion Pottery Barn catalogs that I got this holiday was sitting on the coffee table so I decided to recycle instead:)

I freehand cut a bird from a page in the catalog and also a wing



 I made a small fold at the top of the wing so that it was 3 dimensional 

I glued the bird to the bag and then the flap on the wing

This is what it looks like

Then I decided to stamp Peace under the birdie
I start with the middle letter so it is centered

Then you stamp the letters out from the center letter

Stamping all done!

Here are a few others

Fold over the bag and cut off some of the excess

I punched 2 holes at the top of the folded bag

Then strung ribbon through the holes and finish with a bow

And here is the final product:)

I did 12 or so in about 30 minutes or so sitting in front of the tv and they cost almost nothing to make!

I will probably print labels to stick to the backs to let them know what cookies are in the bag and who its from.

Tips... I plan on putting the cookies in ziplock bags before putting them in the paper bag so they don't go stale.

Also when cutting out the birds I tried to place the template over prettier pages and traced the shape and then I tried to choose a wing in a contrasting color.  

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