Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pinterest Favorites

I will confess that my blogging has definitely taken a back seat to Pinterest.  Good news though... I will be posting weekly about my favorite finds and pinners starting today.

I am going to start with Pinner Kathy Ward.
Find her boards HERE.

As of this blog post this fabulous lady has 15,365 pins!  And If I was a complete stalker I would repin every single one!

So here are some of my favs from her stuff:)

Vintage Brooch Wreath
vintage brooch wreath

Pinned Image

Princess Pearl from her Griege board

Pinned Image
Lace socks in her It's All About Me Board

Flower Chandelier in her Brown Board

Pinned Image
Vintage rings from her True Blue Board

bee crown
She has a whole board on crowns and I love them all!

Ginger's wings fabulous!
I adore these wings in her Angels Board

Ok I could seriously post hundreds of her pins.  Go check them out for yourself and follow me on Pinterest too! http://pinterest.com/aymuller/

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