Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Black Swan and White Swan Costumes

Ok I wanted to share some more swan progress:)

So I had an old princess sequin crown from who knows when and I was just going to paint it black.  Until I ran across some paper clay I had in my stash...

It looked like this...
<em>Sequin Tiara</em>
But then i covered it in paper clay let it dry out for a couple of days, painted it black, then rubbed on silver and put black, silver and clear crystals over it...
It's way sparklier in person, glitter and rhinestones are hard to photograph, especially with my iphone!

And here is the original

The original is a work of art, made from twisted and burned copper,,, I don't have that kind of a budget!

Next, the white swan head piece.  It is made of white feathers glued to a piece of felt and embellished with crystals.
Not quite sure what kind of fastening device we will use to secure it to the hair but I'll think of something!

And the original

Pretty close... I would have loved to use finer feathers for these costumes but for one night at a crowded party with thousands of people... I'll be happy if we leave with our tutus intact! 

And here's just a couple of me playing with makeup... notice the tiara before it was clayed...

I just used some water and black eye shadow in these pics, but you get the idea... I ordered theatrical makeup so that it won't smear and I am going to run by the mac counter and see what tips they have for me:)

This weekend I plan on finishing my bodice and next week get started on the white swan bodice... Katie is still trying to decide what to use as he bodice.  We decided not to go the leotard route since you basically have to get naked to use the bathroom.

ok well I'll keep y'all posted on the progress!

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