Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black Swan Makeup

So, I am still trying to figure out how to achieve Natalie Portman's Porcelain skin tone.  I have very light skin but it looks like a deep tan next to this.  Also, when I do the makeup on the day of the party I will have to thicken the sides to the full height of my eyebrows... and I will make sure someone helps me take pics so I can get a good straight forward shot.

I love some of the makeup I purchased to use for this look.  I tried to make smart decisions and purchase makeup that I will use again (minus the theatrical white and black face paint)

I spent an hour in Sephora trying on every silver eyeliner they sold and of course a million other things.  I just can't help myself in that place!  That being said, I managed to control myself and leave with only 2 items.

The silver is Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Revolver
I am absolutely in love with this color.  Its a gorgeous metallic gunmetal.

I also bought Sephora Collection silver glitter liquid eyeliner.
This will add a little pizzazz and highlight the gunmetal color.

Then I went to the MAC counter at Nordstrom and played around with lip colors.  

We decided to go with Mac lipstick in Red

MAC lip pencil in Nightmoth
MAC lipglass in Russian Red

So basically I put the nightmoth all over my lips and then add the red lipstick and a dab or two of the Russian red lipglass... In the above pictures I did not put liner on the center of my lips.

This is what the color looks like with more liner, but I may make it even darker.

I am super excited about these red colors to use throughout the fall and winter.  They are the perfect shades of red that I can use with just the gloss or wear a power pout using both... and who know's I might be caught wearing the deep red look too!

I have to practice the makeup at least one more time, and actually have a picture of NP's face in front of me.  I can't wait to have it all on with the costume... But until Halloween I will be done posting Black Swan  Now I have to finish White Swan.

I love how this makeup looks in black and white:)

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  1. Great research!! My friend and I are doing the same thing...she is black swan and I am the white one. We have yet to find the corset or bodice top! We would love to see your completed costumes...please post pics :)