Friday, October 7, 2011


A friend of my Boyfriend and her partner have recently launched this great line of fun and functional hospital gowns, Cure-Couture.  And in honor of breast cancer awareness I wanted to share with y'all their fabulous products.

These girls are soooo sassy!  I just love that this is the picture on their home page!

They seem to be able to say it best so I have included the bio from their website,

Dear Friends,
     Life is a wonderful gift but at times can be a struggle. We all go through obstacles and challenging times, some more difficult than others. Even during these times, we know that looking your best can make you feel better. We bring to you an innovative design to make you look as good as you want to feel.
The original concept for what has now become known as Cure-Couture was the design idea of the late Linda Segal. Linda was a successful contemporary women’s fashion designer of more than 25 years. She was diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer and began treatment with chemo-therapy. Her experiences in the chemo center at MD Anderson hospital inspired her to design a fashion forward, yet functional patient gown. Though she lost her battle with breast cancer in 2009, Linda’s idea lives on through us: her daughter, Ashley Segal, and her design protégé, Linsay Alvarado. This is our way of making a giant pitcher of lemonade from the lemons we were given.
     Why wear a boring patient gown that thousands before you have worn? Who wants to be just another medical record number? Not you! We have created a gown for anyone who wants to present individuality and their inner diva: whether you are going though chemo-therapy, plastic surgery, the joyous occasion of bearing a child, whatever your medical circumstance may be. These gowns can be worn in the hospital, doctors office, and even during recovery at home. When you wear a Cure-Couture gown you are giving yourself back some dignity and when you feel good about how you look you are that much closer to recovery…at least of the self esteem! You never know when McDreamy will show up as your doctor. Always be prepared and dress to impress with Cure-Couture!

I think it's such a beautiful concept and they haven't spared a single detail. Aside from the fun prints and designs, they really pay attention to what women need from a hospital gown.  Front openings in the chest area are great for those who are having breast surgery or breast feeding mothers.  They also have pockets for drains and many more features!
cure courture

Personally, I would definitely wear one with my favorite cowboy boots!

Go check them out, like their Facebook, buy a gown for someone special and share them with your friends!!

Visit the website HERE 
Visit their Facebook Page HERE
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