Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Easy Tree Skirt Tutorial Part 1

I am not great at sewing.  I am sure that if I applied myself and really concentrated, I would get better, but I just don't have a lot of time for that.

Last few years I have been using some fabric wrapped loosely around the bottom of my tree.  So I did some research and realized making a tree skirt isn't so hard and so I decided to give it a shot.

If you are capable of sewing well, then choose whatever fabric you please.  If you are like me I recommend fleece or burlap, and to expect a shabby chic look!

I chose burlap.  Here we go!

1.  Spread fabric out on the floor and find the spot you would like for your middle,  I measured the width and divided it by half and used that as my middle.

2. Tie a marker to a string and tape the other end to your center spot.

3.  Draw a circle with your marker

 4.  Cut your fabric along the marked line.  I cut along the inside of the maker line so that it was cut off.  Although you can see where I messed u a little.  You can flip over the fabric if that happens.  If you are using Fleece you will have a nice clean line that wont fray.

5.  I decided to add a ruffle using burlap ribbon.  Making ruffles with burlap is sooo easy.  At the edge of your strip you can just pull a string of the burlap the runs along the top and it gathers right away.

6.  I did run a loose stitch through the ruffle to sew it to the skirt.  It was nice and sloppy because I plan on covering it up.  It could look cool to use red embroidery floss to run a thick craft stitch along the top.

7.  This will be in part 2 of the tutorial which I will post in a couple of weeks.  I plan on bordering the entire ruffle with these rosettes made from Muslin.  I will show a tutorial for the rosettes this week!

I hope this was informative and inspires you to make one for yourself!!


  1. I looooove this Angelique!!! I want one now, but ave heard that burlap can hurt the sewing machine...any suggestions?

  2. I hand stitched this one but I know lots of crafters are sewing with burlap so I am not sure if it will hurt the machine.